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12 Ways the IRS Website Can Help You Reduce Your Taxes and File Your Return

March 16, 2018

The IRS website provides a host of free resources that can help minimize your tax bill and manage your taxes all year round. Yet, most taxpayers are unaware of them.

Here are a dozen of the best. Reach them by clicking on the links or entering them in the search box at

  1. IRS Audit Technique Guides

These are the same guides that IRS tax examiners use when conducting an audit. Why would the IRS provide its audit guides to the public? It is required to do so, by the             Freedom of Information Act.  

Getting an audit guide that applies to you can help you make your 2017 tax return "audit proof." Even better, when planning ahead it can help you eliminate audit risk by having better knowledge of the law and IRS rules and procedures.

More than 50 audit guides are available on the IRS website for free download. They cover topics including: Executive Compensation, Lawsuit Awards and Settlements, Business Consultants, Architects, Attorneys, Cash Intensive Businesses, Golden Parachutes, Split Dollar Life Insurance, Veterinary Medicine, the Wine Industry, and dozens more.

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